Our Engagement Story


Ehren and I have spent many years together - over 5 to be exact - and I always knew that he was the “one.” About six months ago Ehren and I started seriously talking about rings and getting engaged - I was totally screaming & jumping up and down on the inside every time he brought it up - and being a typical girl - I had a pinterest board the size of texas with “inspiration.” We talked back and forth about what I liked and I gave him narrowed down inspiration of what I loved.


<insert some inspo shots here> ??


Fast forward to July 3rd (Ehren’s 30th Birthday to be exact) - we are set to host a backyard birthday party for Ehren & his twin brother Anthony. The entire day was the classic pre-party preparation - cleaning the house, making food, mixing cocktails, and Ehren wanting to take all of our nice house plants outside so the patio “would look nice”. In hindsight I realize why he wanted everything to look so put together - but at the time I just thought he was trying to show off his gardening skills (they are awesome).

Friends and family are arriving and the party is starting to get moving when all of a sudden Ehren starts suggesting we take a group photo (also odd because he isn’t a photo lover) - so the group starts to gather and Emily (Anthony’s girlfriend) is playing photographer - I keep demanding she get in the photos because she is such an important part of a group picture - but she refuses and keeps taking “test” shots. I am turned around hollering inside wondering what is taking Ehren’s brother Anthony so long inside the house when I all of a sudden hear my name over and over again coming from Ehren - only to turn around and see him on one knee - with Mosley (one of our dogs) in front of him wearing the most adorable bib that says “WILL YOU MARRY MY PAPA?”


TEARS - SO MANY TEARS - I have heard from friends that you black out during that moment and hardly remember what your partner is saying - I can totally confirm this phenomenon. I remember hearing say the word “Marry” but that is all I absorbed before I started screaming “YES” and running towards him to hug him to death. I was ugly Kim Kardashian crying for about 10 solid minutes all while sweet Emily is capturing the raw moment. Then Wally (our other dog) comes around the corner wearing a matching bib that says “SHE SAID YES” - so cute right?

I am still glowing about this perfect moment months later - and can we just talk about this RING?? Ehren custom designed this beautiful piece with the help of Jeff from  http://www.visionaryjewelers.com/ and I could not be more in love. I can not love our “yes” moment any more and can not wait to marry this man.

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